Workplace Seminars

In the rapidly transforming workplace, creating a consistent message throughout the organization is a key success factor for all learning initiatives.  Our solutions are researched, business-centric and focused on building skills and business behaviors at all levels of the organization. 


We approach training with a strategy that provides systematic continual learning; expanding training beyond a one-time event to create learning that is reinforced by repeated exposure over time. Through our approach, we are able to reach all levels of the organization with learning that is consistent and sustainable. 

Measures of Success

Training is most impactful when its outcomes are being measured and evaluated.  We leverage measurement and evaluation in our training programs, as well as consulting services.


Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training is interactive and incorporates team activities.  Instructor-led workplace seminars are delivered in 4hr, 6hr or 8hr sessions and can be customized to meet a client’s need.

Executive Development

Executive development programs highlight specific learning objectives for the leadership. Targeted learning modules allow leadership to effectively incorporate these skills into their management approach.  Separate learning modules for executives also allow the staff to, separately, to explore the materials and solution exploration for workplace-related concerns.  

Train the Training

Several training sessions can be offered as train-the-trainer, so a client's internal trainers can deliver the licensed instructor-led training to other levels of the organization.  Customization is available for train-the-trainer licensed seminars  

Strategic Planning 

The strategic planning services are programs that refocus the organization to exceed its goals by aligning them to its vision, mission, performance, and leadership.  We ensure that your strategic plan is turned into action with clear plans, accountability resource allocation, and control.  You will sharply focus your efforts on what is most important to your future success.

Goals Come True and Using Healthy Workplace Conflict for Innovation Workshops | Lowes Headquarters | Dec. 19, 2017

If you are seeking interactive workplace seminars and workshops consider the customizable programs below to address your objectives and audience.

Diversity & Inclusion Topics

Rise & Soar: Women in Leadership 

Engage & Lead: Diverse Candidate Leadership 

Preparing Gen Y and Zs for Leadership 

Think & Say: The Impact of Unconscious Bias at work

Communicating Value & Career Management | Key Bank Women in Finance | July 2017

Leadership Topics

Using Healthy Workplace Conflict to Crate Innovation

My Work and My Well-being

Vision Casting; Create A Vision Others Can Follow

Negotiating to Win: Skills for Women

Empowerment Workshops

Goals Come True: Visualization w/Vision Boards.

Awaken to a Life of Abundance

Living A Life of Wholeness

Becoming A Leader Worth Following

Contact us for a full catalog of topics and to plan your learning and development programs for your next

conference, retreat, workshop, or seminar.


“Jeannine excels in strategic leadership coaching and has the insights and perspectives to guide her clients to achieve their dreams! She has created, planned and executed a number of career and professional development programs for a diverse pool of professionals. From entry-level to executive clients, she provides quality leadership coaching that is unmatched.  I cannot think of a more inspirational, transparent, and strategic leader than Jeannine. Jeannine's work with Georgia State University and the Robinson College of Business is creating new benchmarks for measuring success and elevating the talent within OUR organization."


Tiffany Ashby | Associate Director | Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University