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Executive Coaching

Experience the Power of Coaching

Our executive coaching programs are designed to meet your staff where they are and support their continued development, articulate their career goals, and align them with the company’s business outcomes.
Coaching Benefits

Our executive coaching programs impact employee performance in the following ways:

Increase Confidence




Executive coaching helps your employees clarify performance goals and maintain consistent performance during constantly shifting circumstances.



We offer individual and small group coaching for teams.

Coaching programs may include:

  • Customized framework for each employee

  • Chemistry Call

  • Kick-off and closing call with manager

  • Online scheduling

  • 30 or 60 minute coaching session 

  • Enneagram assessment 

  • 360 feedback 

  • Email and text support between sessions

  • Coaching manual/journal 

  • Private and confidential



  • Executive presence 

  • Communication skills

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Leading through change

  • Power and influence

  • Transitions

  • Increasing emotional and social intelligence

  • Self-career and well-being 

  • Inclusive leadership

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Executive & Management Coaching

Individual coaching is customized to meet your needs for personal and professional growth. 


The coaching experience will shift you from awareness to action and help you stay on track and uncover solutions and action steps to move forward. Coaching will help you create consistent performance behaviors to get results in every area of your life.


Supports: Senior and executive leaders

Work Colleagues

Transition Coaching

Managing the consistent nature of change requires a success plan for moments of uncertainty.Transition coaching is for employees preparing to transition to new role, sabbatical, parental leave, retirement, or preparing for other life and career change. 


Supports:  all employee levels

The Power Strategy Session


When employees only need to get to the root of  feeling stuck and workplace whoas to helps reignite performance.   The Power Session is a reboot session to give you the spark and actionable steps you need to move forward, to re-engage, and to take action.  

Supports: Employees needing to refocus and increase performance

Leadership Coaching


Employees can become a more effective people and industry leader by learning skills to increase team engagement, give more effective feedback, sharpen communication skills, and more with leadership coaching. 


Supports: All people leaders  

Career Planning & Exit Support

Career planning and exit support is a benefit your company can offer to your employees when unplanned separation impacts your workforce.  Our program provides resume writing, interview preparation, up-skilling, and coaching to support the employee during the first few weeks of separation. 

Supports: Employees experiencing separation and termination



All coaching programs include the Integrative Enneagram.


The Enneagram creates self-awareness and uncovers the patterns of behavior that sub-consciously drive and motivate us to act in certain ways. Consisting of the 9 personality types, the Enneagram is a sense-making tool or a framework that enables the development of deeper self-knowledge and awareness.


This tool can be used with individuals and teams. 

 Enneagram Benefits:

  • Creates awareness at the level of motivation

  • Increases consciousness and confidence

  • Increases compassion for self and others

  • Uncovers pathways to development and integration

  • Positions individual patterns and behaviors within current and historical context

  • Increases productivity and motivation

  • Builds leadership authenticity, potency and impact

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