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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity “ABIDES” in Business

We take a 360-degree view of your organization
and incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in its DNA.

We help create cultures of belonging for all individuals. 

The Case for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


more profitable


lower turnover


higher productivity


higher customer experience

We work with clients at all stages of their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

No matter if your inclusion journey is undeveloped or advanced, we can help you design and implement sustainable strategies, processes and programs.

We meet you where you are. 

For a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Hands Up


ABIDES connects DEI with the human experience.

ACTION: Policies, procedures and programs are designed to strengthen equity competence to further the commitment to champion a DEI strategic plan.

DIVERSITY: A mix of differences, including but not limited to; thinking, race/ethnicity, culture, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and more.

BELONGING: Every person and group is included, seen, heard, and valued.

EQUITY: The process by which fairness, equality, and inclusion is achieved through the allocation of resources, implementation of policies and structures that work to eliminate historical, systemic disadvantages.

INCLUSION: An environment where all people are valued and respected for their uniqueness and feel a sense of belonging.

SUSTAINABILITY: Everyone is responsible to ensure DEI is infused in the DNA of the culture. DEI is the lens in which all policies, processes, and procedures are created and maintained.

The Engagement Life Cycle

We us a seven step process to create a DEI framework that is supported by data, documentation, communication, with a execution and sustainability strategy. 



Continuous Improvement

Stage 2

Stage 4

Stage 6

Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 5

Stage 7





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