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Your Trusted Business Partner

We help our clients retain talent from college to retirement 

who love their careers and the diverse and inclusive companies they work for

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Authorities in Diversity Equity, and Inclusion

Our team of consultants, executive coaches, and speakers are former business and organizational leaders who led teams and design company retention strategies and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Champions for Inclusion

We have an active voice in DE&I among individuals, cultures, and systems.

Results and Passion

Our team is results-oriented with a true passion for people.

Transformational Solutions

We design transformational solutions that impact employee performance, the workplace, and the community.


The Everyday Lead Difference

We believe in organizational and individual change.


We design curated actionable events, training, and solutions to help companies exceed their goals, inspire inclusive leadership, and incorporate psychologically safe spaces for ALL employees to thrive.


We help companies retain talent from college to retirement, who love what they do and the companies they work for.

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Founder & Chief Executive


Jeannine K Brown is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Everyday Lead, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an award-winning leader and thought leader. She is trusted advisor and viable advocate in the accounting an finance profession working closely with public accounting firms, governing bodies, and talent across a variety of industries and professions. 

Jeannine is a highly sought-after speaker and brings insightful perspective and laughter to challenging topics. She has an active role and voice in championing the importance of diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion among individuals, cultures, and systems. She works closely with clients, delivering solutions to increase retention, decrease attrition costs, attract new talent, and create competitive advantages through inclusion.


The career and leadership programs designed by Jeannine and the team at Everday Lead help companies retain and advance women and multi-racial talent. Jeannine is called upon to create and facilitate leadership and career accelerator programs for women and Black professionals. 


Jeannine is the author of the highly acclaimed "Unstuck and Unstoppable, 5 proven strategies to leverage your value, increase your visibility and gain recognition to accelerate your career." named the best career book in 2022.

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